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In many instances, the terminolgy used when discussing disk drives, boot sectors, and file systems have been muddied by the interchangeability of the terms 'drive', 'partition', and 'volume'. 10 years ago, it usually didn't matter ... You had one hard disk drive (40MB) one partition (0), and one volume (C:). A drive was a partition was a volume. In the info presented here, I have tried to make a clear distinction about what's being discussed.

'Drive' will refer to a physical disk drive, floppy or hard.

'Partition' will refer to areas on the physical disk drive.

'Volume' will refer to partitions that have file systems.

Consider the following:
Fred's PC has two floppy drives and one hard drive.
Fred's hard drive has 4 partitions on it.
The first partition is a DOS volume.
The second partition is an extended partition which contains two DOS volumes.
The third partition contains an NTFS volume.
The fourth partition contains a LINUX volume.

Therefore: Fred's PC has 3 drives, 4 partitions, and 5 volumes.


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