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I've decided to resurrect my web site on a limited basis; mainly to discuss FAT32X, but also to test a new site build process. LC

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Lance's Utility Programs

General Info

These are only executables, downloadable as either ZIP or EXE files. All programs have embedded help. Simply type
C:\>progname -? | more
to have the help displayed to the screen and paged by the MORE program.


5/9/98 - My current web site now only contains a subset of my utility programs. Several of the boot related programs have been updated to handle FAT32 and int13 extensions.

2/2/98 - Added DSIZE.

1/26/98 - BOOTSECT now handles FAT32.

1/1/98 - Programs were refreshed, and my current email address ([email protected]) was corrected in the licensing info.

3/17/97 - All programs were updated w/ version control info.
Use 'PROG -?v' to display program version info.
Use 'PROG -?v+' to display program and module version info.


These programs are provided without any warranty, express or implied.
Misuse of the programs, or any damage they may cause, directly or indirectly,
is solely your responsibilty.


For PERSONAL use, these programs are FREE. For COMMERCIAL, GOVERNMENT, or EDUCATIONAL use; please contact the author for licensing information: Lance Costanzo [email protected] (209) 924-2452

Program Description
BOOTEXE Extract boot sector from .EXE, write to .BIN
BOOTFAKE Create a fake .COM file from a .BIN file
BOOTSECT Boot sector (mbr/pbr) read/write/dump/etc.
BOOTSCAN Boot sector scan
DBLFIX DEBUG list fixup
DISKZERO Disk Eraser
DSIZE Drive Size
MBREDIT Master Boot Record Editor
PBREDIT Partition Boot Record Editor
VERSION Display version info in source or executable files.
(Only works for my programs)
Lance Costanzo, [email protected]